Think Like A Creator

When you look at the difference between successful and unsuccessful creators what do you see?

Does anything stand out?

To me, the two are set apart by the limits of their dreams. A successful creator never sees an end for his work. He isn’t obstructed by failure, and obstacles are just steps along the road to creative growth.

Have you been limiting yourself?

Reflecting on the scope of my work over the last couple of years, I have always dabbled. I set my eyes on a shiny piece of gold, only to discover the treasured nugget unwraps to reveal a chocolatey core. Finding that it takes more work to strike riches has always been my downfall.

I don’t create for financial gain, but I aspire to reach some feeling of wealth in my soul. I desperately want my voice to be heard, but to reach the masses, you need a voice worth hearing. To develop a voice worth hearing, you have to believe that you have a voice worth being heard.

As an artist, I don’t have enough confidence in my creations. I believe this is because my work is missing something more. I have words, and they haven’t failed me, but they’re not enough. There is so much energy vibrating from my soul, and I want to manifest that through music, and clay work, and video, and physical arts. Where do I start? Hesitation marks the end of each attempt to begin.

I am a bundle of overwhelm because I am engulfed by a bigger picture that I fail to spread before me like unrolling canvas, a scroll still furled.

This is my plan for change.

2019 is the year of direct intentions. Itsy bitsy, definitively measured goals. Dream big, but design your life at the pace of a stroll. Because running and diving has done me little good. It makes sense for I am neither a swimmer nor a runner at heart, but I can walk like no other, so that is the pace of my new plan for growth.

Believe in a dream and it will come true.

Marketing Student - Comfort-obsessed, plant-loving mess. Always trying. Continually coming to be.

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