Reversing Negativity

Unbalanced is the system that

Neglects students in need, leaving them

Inundated with debt and overwhelmed by stress; led to

Vie for spots in top schools, they are

Encumbered by the belief that their true value lies in status

Rather than character.

So they see themselves as ranked bodies, and not


To be respected.

Yet, there is so much more to life than a certificate inscribed by an eminent school, boasting a perfect GPA.

There is an exquisite allure that

Is conspicuous all throughout one’s

Surroundings — beyond the aesthetic pleasure nature provides, there is hope and peace that lies therein.

Remind yourself, when the pressure becomes palpable, of all the good in the world.

Enjoy the little things from the rays of sun that warm your body, to the twinkling stars at night, for it is

Very easy to allow negativity to consume your soul, but all the more worthwhile to spend time combating it with positive thoughts.

In all the people you meet, the knowledge you gain, and every

New experience that shapes your being, there is life, and it is awesome.

Unbounded are individuals who refuse to quit, instead focusing on the wonderful things in life that encourage them to stay afloat.

Originally drafted for a scholarship, and later published on Medium


Marketing Student – Comfort-obsessed, plant-loving mess. Always trying. Continually coming to be.

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