Book Review: The Spectacular Now by Tim Tharp

The Spectacular Now is one of those strikingly rare stories that always disappoints you in the end. No matter who reads it or how many times it is read, the ending never fails to break your heart.

Not because of a weak plot or poor writing, but because the lovably flawed protagonist can’t help but be who they are.

You know the type.

The Messy Life’s Reading List for 2018

In 2017, reading became one of those hobbies I struggled to make time for. I could try to make excuses for this, but to be frank I can’t afford to keep up with my own demand. It also hurts that after you buy a book, it’s worth little to nothing on the market. Honestly, the economy’s rooting against readers.

10 Tips to Stop Overthinking & Start Living

Masters of comebacks conjured years too late, enemies of instinct, and the bane of decisive folk, over-thinkers are inevitable in this choice-filled world. However, considering all that could occur in life, it is absurd to contemplate all the if's and but's. Even so, I know avoiding overthinking is easier said than done.

As someone who used to get stuck planning and thinking and stressing through my thoughts, here are a few bits of motivation to help you stop overthinking and start doing.

These tips may not apply to serious decisions like buying a house or deciding whether to start a family, but they can help you rethink your approach to life. Sometimes, life's not that serious.

Writing Without Words

How do I begin to write poetry, when I’m far from the brink of despair?

Do I string words like lights at Christmas time, wrapping them across my body and around my neck,

until I choke out some semblance of meaning?

First Regrets

I was young.
We were dumb.
That’s usually how the story unfolds.

In our case,
you were new to me.
And in a way, I was new to you,
we were lonely and craving each other.

My Black is Black Enough

author of the messy life

Reflecting on my journey to self-acceptance

I refuse to entertain our over-reliance on labels.

While I understand their capacity to consolidate and convey meaning, labels allow for unwarranted assumptions.

Reviewing Boba from Novel Tea: A Bubble Tea Destination

Novel tea taro bubble tea drinks with sunset | The Messy Life

Welcome to The Messy Life. Let's take a bubble tea trip.

Two weeks ago, I went to my friend's place for the weekend. Now, I love bubble tea, and a few friends told us about this shop near her apartment that was supposed to great. Not only was it nearby, but also everyone and I mean EVERYONE, had good things to say about it. So of course we decided we had to try it.

The name alone was enough to grab my attention: Novel Tea? It's the perfect play on words.

Let's see if their tea lives up to the hype.

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