Messy Mania: July 13, 2018

messy mania july 13
Attribution: Eric Han

The word of the week is plethora, meaning an excessive amount or number. When I first learned this word, I used it ALL the time. Any chance I could get in an academic paper, I took. That was almost a decade ago, and now I’m here to share the very same word that started my obsession with particularizing locution.

Currently Watching: The Bold Type

The Bold Type is an American comedy show which, I dare to argue, is so much more. The show features three women who are best friends, living in the city, and working at a renowned fashion magazine that pushes industry norms. The Bold Type shows the individual struggles of these friends, as they navigate adulthood and build a life for themselves.

Currently the cast is filming the third season, and I’ve never been prouder to follow a show along it’s journey from pilot to premiere, and ultimately, prevailing. The Bold Type challenges watchers to rethink their perspectives, doing so playfully, but without shame. Season 2 is especially thrilling, as it touches upon hot topics that affect today’s women including infidelity, gun violence, inclusion, and racism.

When I attended the pride parade, I saw Aisha Dee in passing and the experience was really grounding in that it allowed me to see her as a person, rather than a character in a show. Since then, I have obsessively watched features through various magazines on YouTube that have been lovely enough to feature these three women. Seeing them for who they are, beyond their characters, is even more inspiring. The most heartening thing is that they are really friends! Through casting, they have been able to bond and bring an even realer relationship on-screen.

The last episode, about truth and vulnerability inspired me to write a piece about truth in journalism. Why is it necessary and how can bloggers translate this necessity to their own work? Give it a read sometime! And get to know Aisha Dee, Katie Stevens, and Meghann Fahy by watching fun youtube videos where they show just how relatable they can be.

Fun fact: Aisha was on Saddle Club when she was younger, and hearing that flooded my mind with memories of horses and Australian accents. Childhood, what a ride.

Currently Reading: Freakonomics

Freakonomics by Stephen J. Dubner and Steven Levitt. This is a fascinating book. I haven’t been interested in reading much lately, but Freakonomics has recaptured my interest.

Funny story, I convinced my sister to sign up for AP Macroeconomics with my old teacher (arguably one of my favorite, but also most controversial teachers). He was always raving about this book, but I never got around to reading it. Four year later, it is now being assigned as summer reading, so guess who stole her sister’s copy?

I have yet to finish the book, but I will definitely be doing a YouTube video discussing some of the topics in the text, and undoubtedly encouraging everyone to read it too!

Note: In researching a link for the book, I have stumbled upon a Freakonomics podcast (?) of sorts. Check it out.

Currently Streaming: My Most Recent Playlist

Music is an enormous part of my life, which I often inconveniently seem to forget.  Recently I published a new playlist on the blog, of songs I listened to in June, and I’m sharing it here because it’s great for feeling fantastically good!

Weekly Recommend: Pinterest Profile

Rather than a blog post, today I guide you to my personal Pinterest account, which is currently BLOWING UP. I know these things tend not to last, but while I have the momentum I am sharing my profile everywhere I can. Follow me for home decor and fashion inspiration! Plus, a lot of beautiful people.

Thanks for tuning in today loves!

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