Life in Limbo (limbo, limbo)

Living in limbo may surprise you. Weeks after existing between relationships, treading carefully through newly formed bonds, you find yourself on the edge of intimacy with a number of groups. To which do you choose to commit? Is there a way to engulf yourself in every social circle you fancy, or must you find, and decide, which suits you best?

This is the struggle of new people and places. Fresh faces, refreshing, challenge your sense of stability. What is a place to call home without friendships that bleed red to the bone? Without a map to guide you through this path of poorly cobbled stones?

Some fail to accept incompatibility, trying to force something that isn’t there, without reasonable change. Is it so difficult to accept that people are different? That you may have to adjust your approach with one, as you should do with all others? At the end of the day, a relationship without compromise is bound to fail. So take those red flags, and build an escape. It’s never too early, never too late.

In the case of single living it’s interesting to see that lonesome creates a strange sense of solidity. I on my own, am not I all alone. Talking in riddles, walking in rhymes, this mental break does wonders for passing the time – between meetups and dates and nights out and socials. Spiralling to the end of a tightly wound circle.

I guess I mean to say that I’m a little bit lost. Let’s give it another week. I’m sure I’ll right my course.

Marketing Student - Comfort-obsessed, plant-loving mess. Always trying. Continually coming to be.

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