What’s New On The Messy Life? July Updates

Thursday Thoughts: Working full time really wipes you out. It’s a wonder college students can juggle school, internships, jobs, and extracurricular activities. There’s something about doing the same task for hours on end, that is thoroughly exhausting.

Today I’m coming to you loves with a quick update on what’s in store for The Messy Life. While working, I’ve had time to think about what I want to add, and what I want to edit on the blog. Here’s the short list:

  • As I recently shared, I will be creating playlists of songs I’ve been loving for the month, rather than themed playlists. I do have a few themed lists left, but I’ll roll them out when the right times come.
  • I’ve also updated the Navigation. So there is a lifestyle, a culture, and a portfolio section. Within each grouping, are three tabs that describe more specific topic clusters.
  • Messy Mania: This is a fun new category that will contain weekly links to content I've loved from around the web. The post may be themed, or it may not b, depending on what I’ve most recently discovered. It’s always fun to learn new things and now I can share what I’m learning with you! 
    • My goal for now, which I’ve just dreamt up, is to include a new quote or word of the week in every Messy Mania update. As for how to find it on the site, of course you can always use the search bar, but I'll also be sharing the posts under Culture, with the tag: #mania.
  • I’m also going to add a Style Section to the blog. Style has always been pretty important to me, and I think it’s interesting to reflect on how you dress over time.
    • Ruminating on the various periods of my life, college was one of my least fashionable phases, and it also happened to be one of the most overwhelming phases in my life. Coincidence? I think not.
    • Let’s see how my style continues to shape around the person I become.
  • Book Reviews: I love love love my long form book reviews, but I said it before and I’m going to be honest when I say it again, they take a long time to write. I don’t like sharing reviews that don’t give the book justice.
    • I aim for an honest review that also contains a few magical elements which charm you into reading the book anyway. I also don’t refer to a typical ranking system when I write those reviews. Instead, they are more like a summary without spoilers. A summary without major spoilers? Yes, it's tough.
    • Instead, I’m going to do lump reviews, similar to this very long form post. However, I’ll try to keep the book list down to 5 or 10, maximum. Although I’ll still provide hyperlinks, I don’t want to make the posts too overwhelming should you choose to read them.
  • Last but not least, I will be adding a new series: Things that Made Life Worth Living. It will be a monthly update, of XX number of things that made me feel good, or reminded me why living is worthwhile. I'd love if you shared some highlights in the comments, or you can comment on one of my things that you particularly like.

These are all my updates at the moment! I love to reflect on how the Messy life has grown and changed over time. Hopefully, you do too!

Marketing Student - Comfort-obsessed, plant-loving mess. Always trying. Continually coming to be.

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