7:15:20 – Am I Safe?

My life has come to point where I seek further direction needlessly. I have worked so hard to get where I am, but I am unable to enjoy it. Fears and anxieties persist, regardless of the safety I have erected throughout my environment.

The problem is the lingering question: “Is anything truly safe?”

Why am I unable to given in to the luxuries of a well built life? Is it because I grew up with the notion that goodness is not everlasting? Perhaps I have trained my brain to constantly; scan for weakness, so that I am never caught off guard.

I’m sick of it. There’s only so much time one can spend cowering before your body grows old of delay. Hesitance is my personal nuisance, and I cast this line into the world in a ceaseless effort to overcome my own uncertainty.

Marketing Student - Comfort-obsessed, plant-loving mess. Always trying. Continually coming to be.

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