Uncontrollable thoughts,

twisted through dreams,

impossible to scrape

from the crevices

of a multilayered mind

poison overtaking

forsaken depths

- her brain, filled,

with thoughts of you

Constructed memories

Inescapable truths

I’d like to learn more, of why you?

catalyze a tornado of thinking, and thinking more;

the transcending need to know

based, I insist, on escaping this maddening mind.

I pray we meet, conocer

and you meet me,


meet me.



Once upon a time, there was a boy who hooked a girl

though he didn't know it, for

she tried hard not to show

the feelings she was fighting;

denying that the way he played his hair

and wore his shoes like religion,

affected a premature connection

Founded on eye contact in dirty mirrors

and glances sideways in the cold

Starts, stops, rusted bolts, and dizzying jolts

A masterpiece of souls, found

depths of disconnection,

waiting to be mended



Once upon a night, two paths crossed unintentioned

Her fear filled hesitation maintains a severance,

slowly eroding both sides

until gaping walls pray to be melded

Bleeding longing,

she wears desperation on a threadbare sleeve

please keep the stains

away from dry bones

Should souls depart wondering,

would they meet again?

to fix bonds that beg to break

figments of a bond she won't let go


IV.. .

Once upon a future,

disillusioned thoughts

crafted from star-crossed paths

and misconnected glances

an interconnection of souls.

bodies yet to be touched,

tension lies inescapable



the impulse worn fabric of her mind


Marketing Student - Comfort-obsessed, plant-loving mess. Always trying. Continually coming to be.

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