Gratitude List – October 2018

Life certainly comes at you quick. In retrospect, it really is a rollercoaster ride – ups and downs cycling one after another. As my recent posts have been a bit more moody and sentimental, today’s update is a gratitude list of everything that has made me happy in the past week.

For starters, I laughed my ass off in Manchester, gained about a week on my life from that trip alone. That same weekend, we threw a surprise party for a friend and I ate some of the best (& homemade) pizza I’ve ever had.

I had a fun chat with my mother, rewatched Donnie Darko (which is now officially one of my favorite movies for the fact that it is so incredibly absurd), and cooked the best pasta I’ve had on this continent. Obviously food has majorly influenced my feelings this week.

I finally cleaned my bathroom. Finally.

I caught up with a friend who I haven’t seen in a while, and indulged in quite affective ravings about her cheeky little love life.

I planned a few trips to see family and old friends, and started booking tickets to make them happen.

I bonded with my neighbors, over an incredibly messy night out. It’s always nice to build deeper friendships. Good fucking night.

Other unmentionables ☺

I am happy. I know I won’t be forever, but on the flip side I know when the bad days come, they won’t be here to last.

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