Watering Change: Energizing Songs to Help You Create Change

Watering Change - Energizing Playlist
Attribution: Osman Rana

Positively Energizing Songs to Help You Create Change in Your Life:



BORNS is an ethereal being, who I'm not sure we truly deserve. His latest album, Blue Madonna, had me floored. It took a few listens for me to adjust to his new sound, but it’s undeniably killer. At almost 8 million streams on Spotify, Faded Heart is a fan favorite.

As soon as I fall into a rhythm, the song revs up, throwing me into a whole new flow. To explain the listening experience a sentence: I never asked to feel heaven, still keep me in the clouds, because now I can’t bear coming down.


Faded Heart is followed by Atlas Bound’s Lullaby from the Lullaby EP. The melody makes me think of slow sundays and lazy nights. If you’ve ever ridden a horse, it’s almost like that *hop, skip, step* when your gait is somewhere between a walk and a trot.

In the ancient art of metaphor: Lullaby is the feel of your first step outside, it's the taste of water after a workout, and the relief of hot showers after a trying day. I’ve shared this song to remind you to keep trying, as you rock away to this sticky-sweet serenade.


Now, wake yourself up with Goodpain by Yoke Lore. This song reminds of me everything that feels right: lounging by grassy shores, pure friendships, warm nights, and evening drives with no destination in mind.

It’s actually not a happy song, but it tricks you into thinking everything is fine if you don’t pay close attention. Ring a bell?


Fade into this bop, and remember that we all deserve to waste a bit of time, money, pick your poison. I couldn’t leave Pockets Full of No off this list. The message is bit reckless but the laid back vibe almost inspires you to work harder to create the life you desire.

The absurdity laced throughout the lyrics, makes it even more fun.


Vacation is an equally fun song, that you can use to reflect on your dreams, and enter Spring worry free. Dance through and around any obstacles you face, until you’ve accomplished your goals or set new ones.

Don’t let any barrier keep you back too long (this includes your own mind). After all, what’s the point in stressing over accomplishments? One second, one minute, one year - you have time.


Next up, Mr. Redundant by my new favorite band. Surprise, Surprise - they’ll be making more appearances this year. What can I say about Mr. R?

It has a light sound that makes it a fun listen. I’m almost reminded me of those rare moments when strangers come together in unison. Whether at a concert, or in a serendipitously random crowd, voices unite and even if everyone sings horribly, together they create magic.

I guess what I’m trying to say, is if you can show me a bar that plays this song in the line up, then I’ll be there faster than you can tell me where it is.


Mississippi has officially followed me through college, here making a special appearance to show how little I’ve truly grown. Chris Whitehall, lead vocalist, has a voice that is absolutely beautiful.

It’s not perfect, which you can sort of hear through the tuning, but that is what makes it amazing. I love to hear those raw slights, when reality seeps through the digital affect.


Mississippi blends into Glass Animals’ Gooey, which shares an entirely different sound, no less delightful. Hold on to the soft, sticky beats - get caught in the free flow of words - and let your mind wander.

To the beat, I ended up reliving images of sneaking through the kitchen to get snacks at midnight. Momentous markers like elementary house parties, underground love, and other things hidden that come to light with time.

Gooey minds brim with stories waiting to be shared. Come to think of it, the aesthetics quite remind me of Alice from Wonderland’s eat me. To indulge or to deprive?


Little Brother is a new find, packed with Ella Vos’ precious voice and a saccharinely sweet sound. It’s almost too much on its own. Grounded by the beat, focus on her tone and everything makes a bit more sense.

Little Brother doesn’t take chances, sweeping you up and whisking you around, until you fumble out feeling positively unbothered. It’s kind of like being the sugar in a cotton candy machine, though not as violent.


Alright guys, I had to end with the best of all time. Hearing this beat, I can't help but dance (even if it is a hypothetical toe tap). Listening to this song brings me back to simpler times, and I hope you'll leave this list feeling as good as I do.

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  2. Todd
    March 16, 2018

    Thanks UkiyaSeed. Will correct it 😀

  3. Klaudia
    March 2, 2018

    Wow! You have a great taste in music! Can’t wait to give it a listen!!!! Also love your writing, you’re so talented!!!!!

    1. Ashleigh
      March 3, 2018

      Thank you 🙂 I hope you like it!!


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