what is a color, but a place that a feeling calls home?

     Blue is the chill nipping my skin as waves lap at my feet,

     reminding we’re both far from home.

     Coloring the essence that leaks from within,

     it escapes as the heart is revealed by the soul.

     Symbolic of nights, when restless, the mind will not be subdued,

     blue is enormous 

     like the sky, it swallows us whole.

     Adorned with cotton-candied clouds,

     and a stillness, pronounced as we swirl,

Tersius van Rhyn | Unsplash



     where there is blue, there is hope.

     For understanding.

     For peace.

     For life.

     For more.

milky way sky
Nathan Anderson | Unsplash


     Sometimes curious, often pensive,

     an expression of depth —

     it mellows me whole.

     Blue grows transcendent as the sky starts to glow.

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