Fearless Reporting: How to Tell the Truth, Even When It Hurts

Lies can take you far, but the truth will almost always carry you farther. Long term, nothing is more sustainable, or irrefutable, than the truth.

In the case of journalism, honesty is indeed the best policy. Left and right, readers can disprove fallacies with fact-founded receipts, not only discrediting your ability as a writer, but also compromising the reputation of your agency, company, or brand.

As a blogger, I find it important to consider how this translates to my reality. After all, what is the point in truth-telling if your story isn’t interesting enough to be shared?

This perspective is the problem. Any story can be interesting, when told well. Here, it is the idea of telling a good story, that plunges us into a nether dimension. A fantastic storyteller must be vulnerable, witty, and sharp.

For good storytelling leaves readers wanting, from end-to-end. An alluring piece draws you in with more than a line, and provides a completeness that somehow amounts to more than the length of the text.

In the past, I’ve had the easiest time being entirely vulnerable when creating poetry. The ability to wield words at whim is empowering, and challenges me to push beyond the story - to create content that will not only captivate my readers minds, but also allow them to engage in the telling. Yet, who is to say that creative writing should end there?

Can crafty composition not rear its face in the world of digital prose?

Ultimately, great writing assumes the truth which reveals that readers have power over the way a story is read. Words are nothing if not received, so create a tale that makes your audience receptive, and do your best to string it together in a fashion that enhances the experience overall. In fearless reporting, creativity has found a place indeed.

Whether you are a blogger, or a journalist, fearlessness is fundamental to literary success. Vulnerability, the king of a story told well, is your surefire way to embrace this, so tap into your rabbit hole of a reality and get in touch with the words that surface your darkest fears. Bring to light the discussions that rarely reach the table, and make these dishes inviting to readers who seldom come across a course so openly bared.

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