To Entertain an EVER-CHANGING Life

Life never ends. It keeps on flowing, while everything it surrounds and all it comes to know, remains ever-changing.

Sometimes new people appear: born from baby-filled rivers, or old souls come anew.

New places come to fruition, and fresh ideas circulate the world.

However, more often than not, things also come to an end. People die. Businesses close.

Life lives a continuous cycle of beginnings and ends.

Each eternity, is but an infinitesimal blip on the line of time that illustrates life’s continuity. Bore.

Each human, born — raised — passed, is but a speck on the cyclic surface.

contemplation on beachy shores

Life waits for no one. So why do you?

In the long run, or short depending on your view, you have nothing to lose.

Something cannot be lost from nothing.

So take a chance. Be bold. Breed your own infinity.

Life thanks you for the change.

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