Distance is as much a cure, as it is a curse.

Monotonous routines, turned through a tiresome system until the element of surprise has become a foreign concept. Space, a much needed respite from the mediocrity of everyday life.

Still, time away transforms into startled cries of realization and unsupported why’s. Learning through lonesome now, an unexpected feat, lack of preparation unsteadies planted feet.

Damned to discover inalienable truths that redefine one’s self description. Threatened by the looming nature of perdurable idiosyncratic distinctions.

A self-diagnosed sesquipedalian, amongst other things. She uses extensive words to describe the breadth between her mind and the emotions she fails to think.

Distance is the revelation of sweet peculiarities that right you when you’ve slipped, returning you to a place of sentimental doting. On the brink of one, easily slipping to another. Am I she? Am I her? And who is me?

I love me, I love me not.

   One letter away from

        Effecting internal change

Distance is as much a curse, as it is a cure.

Post-read listen: “Sail Away With Me” – Styx

Marketing Student - Comfort-obsessed, plant-loving mess. Always trying. Continually coming to be.

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