How to Transform Your Room into a Personal Sanctuary

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Transform Your Space into a Sanctuary in 5 Simple Steps

In college, your room is your only real retreat from school-related stress and social pressure. As such, it's important to transform your living space into your own personal sanctuary.

I didn't fully understand this as a freshman, so I had to learn the hard way sophomore year, when I had a roommate with an entirely different aesthetic and energy than my own. It's hard to live with someone who contradicts who you are.

Before college, I shared a room with my sister for years and attended boarding school, so I've experienced it all (almost): the good, the bad, and the ugly.

Here are a few tips for turning your room into a stress-free sanctuary, on a budget. You don't need thousands of dollars to transform your environment into the perfect space for you. At the end, I'll also provide advice about staying sane when you have to share your space with another person.

Reviewing Novel Tea: A Bubble Tea Destination

bubble tea

Welcome to The Messy Life. Let's take a bubble tea trip.

Two weeks ago, I went to my friend's place for the weekend. Now, I love bubble tea, and a few friends told us about this shop near her apartment that was supposed to great. Not only was it nearby, but also everyone and I mean EVERYONE, had good things to say about it. So of course we decided we had to try it.

The name alone was enough to grab my attention: Novel Tea? It's the perfect play on words.

This is The Messy Life

 Lesson #1: sometimes you have to be selfish, and that’s more than okay

1. Thinking and thinking some more.

I have spent months thinking about this blog. About starting it, about making it something great, about feeding it with all I have so it someday returns the favor. The problem is, I’ve been thinking so much, I haven’t begun. Not until now.

2. Zero hype and zero followers.

I guess I’m taking the name in full stride, because this is officially the messiest launch in history.  Zero hype and zero followers.Few friends know I’m even creating this blog, but I’m sure I’ll get the hang of it eventually.

I’ve entertained so many ideas about what this blog should be, that I haven’t thought about what I need from it. How should I shape this blog for myself? No one makes guides about that.

All the “great” bloggers tell you to write for your readers, but my ideal readers relate to the messy parts of myself. Either way, shouldn’t a blog extend from one’s self? I can’t abandon my personality for a profitable blog.

So, I have decided the only way to do this, is to reveal myself through my work. To ensure I enjoy writing each and every piece. To pour bits of my soul into all of the work I share.

3. Being selfish because I can.

My "messy" life, fuels this "messy" blog, which feeds our "messy" community.

Now that I’m taking a more introspective approach, in other words, being selfish because I can (and you should too), I’m finding myself more inspired to create work that will resonate. I have ideas for campaigns, and articles that introduce a different point of view. I am thinking of ways to provide help for you, where other sources on the internet lack.

This is starting to feel real. Should you find this, I hope you stick around, because it will only get better from here.

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