Ashleigh is a writer, studying Marketing & Comparative Literature, who channels her passion for words through her writing. She has published work on Medium, and regularly shares reflections on The Messy Life. An avid reader and a goal-setting dreamer, she loves to ponder the possibilities of life. Catch her bundled up on a rainy day, nose-deep in a book.


I have a voice that loves to be shared, even when it's not being heard. Naturally, this gave way to The Messy Life: a space to share the endless thoughts that rumble through my mind.

Selfishly, The Messy Life exists to remind me I'm real. It is the collocation of all the things that are both, beautiful and raw, in my life. I am proud to share on this blog, and though each post scares me, vulnerability is key to feeling alive. What is growth, if it doesn't make you uncomfortable?

Alternatively, The Messy Life is my way to share inspiration, as I continue on my journey to be well. The Messy Life is more than I will ever be on my own, and I hope it can grow to this scale in time.

Ideally, The Messy Life will someday bloom into a world-spread movement that inspires messy readers everywhere to create change in their lives.

to my messy babes: Pursue your dreams, achieve your own idea of success, and don't let anyone or anything get in your way. As I progress on my wellness journey, I hope to grow with you all, so we can become better together. Join me on my journey and together we can the messy philosophy throughout the world.


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