A lady in waiting of future change

existing in the shadow

of some future living proof

I am struggling to see

the joy in embracing ephemeralities

Is it wrong to wish

that the point on which

time touches this temporal plane,

would somehow get its spatial rifts confused?

for if it’s rootings were as twisted as this brain

and if luck so decided to spin itself my way,

perhaps then I could appreciate the present

before existing for the future;

shaking off the whorish loyalties of a future-sunken mind

is in this case possible, only by way of astral calamities in time

in which present precedes past,

as it looks in the rear, toward future

So what is to come has already been.

there is no more guesswork in what one will live

through this twisting of time, the circle reverses

a gift to one disoriented mind,

though others it curses

confounding recollections

when it is no longer the case,

that future brings relief through its dim-inducing shade

granted release from a din of painless ache,

you’ll find me in the midst

running, leaping, bounding,

toward the feeling-filled enjoyment of embracing come to pass

releasing what-related statements and ditching speculative analysis along the path

no longer living in the shadow

of a future social proof

now fated to accept

a reality in which there is

a future, which precedes a present,

that goes before a not-so distant past

Marketing Student - Comfort-obsessed, plant-loving mess. Always trying. Continually coming to be.

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