5 YouTubers Who Will Inspire You to Follow Your Heart

In an age of digital media, role models no longer have to be chosen from a short stack of popular celebrities or the annual family reunion. Nowadays, you can find people on the internet, who you admire for being who they are. It’s increasingly easy to find a person who is not only relatable, but also aspirational: they represent the type of person you want to become and they inspire you to follow your heart.

What does this mean for us dreamers? It means that everywhere we look, there is more and more inspiration to have our dreams and achieve them too. Here are a few YouTubers who have inspired me over the years, and who I think may inspire you too.

1. Orion Carloto

If I had to choose a favorite from the list, Orion would win hands-down. I’ve been watching her videos since high school, maybe even earlier than that, and I have seen her grow as an artist, as a woman, and as a dreamer above all.

She’s only a year or two older than me and while she has taken a very different path than I have, it hasn’t done anything to hinder her progress or her growth. If anything, she has flourished and this is what I want people to see.

Not enough people realize that life offers more than one path to success. There are so many ways to accomplish your dreams and to progress along your journey. Orion is living proof that you can succeed when you follow your heart. She sets goals, dedicates time to her work, and then she accomplishes them.

Tune to her channel for beautiful videos about travel, good reads, and growth.

2. Damon & Jo

Damon & Jo are two YouTubers who co-host a travel channel. I found them a little later in life, but they are so driven and so inspirational, that I wish I had found them sooner.

Through their videos, they show you the realities of travel as two recent grads on a tight budget, exploring the world one country at a time. They create their videos in multiple languages (all of which they have learned on their own) and they even create subtitles in different languages so viewers around the world can be inspired by the content they share.

Check out their channel for great humor, travel tips, and fun lessons on life.

They also have an awesome Facebook Group called Shut Up and Go, that connects travelers to talk about any and everything related to seeing the world.

3. Patricia Bright

Patricia Bright is hilarious. She actually reminds me of my mom. They’re both loud and lovable. I got to watch Patricia glow up professionally as I grew too.

She went from working in finance, to committing to YouTube (her side hustle) and now she’s featured in articles and magazines for her success. She has almost 2M subscribers, and has continued to be her fun-loving self over the course of her career.

The best thing about her channel is that even though she creates a lot of popular content, she also takes time to reflect on her growth. She makes an effort to answer her viewers’ questions about life, love, and happiness. What better role model than a woman who shares what she’s learned along her journey?

Go scout her channel for advice on self-love and relationships, with a side of entertaining tutorials and hauls.

4. Leena Norms

Leena’s another recent find and I love love love her personality. The content she creates is so raw: no filters or excess editing. She discusses everything from books, to struggles, to aspirations, and more.

One of my favorite things about her, besides her personality, is that she works in publishing. How cool is that? She has access to an unlimited supply of books AND she’s down to earth? What a dream. As an overly occupied writer, her messages speak to me. I relate to her personal drive which for me, sometimes feels like less of a choice and more a way to be.

Watch her videos for inevitable insight and inspiration (plus casual laughs).

5. Will Darbyshire

I first learned about Will because I watched his girlfriend’s channel. In an age where so many social channels are cluttered with superficial content, Will’s channel feels real and right.

He is an amazing photographer, somehow managing to capture the reality of each scene he shoots, while portraying a romantic image of real life. Will's channel features some of the most genuine content you can find on YouTube.com.

He has created videos discussing mental health, music, and struggles with love. He even published a book filled with the words of his viewers who share their experiences with love and romance. I almost revised this post to showcase 4 YouTubers because I was having a hard time finding a 5th, but how could I forget this gem?

I can’t believe I almost kept his talent to myself. Seriously, check out his channel to remember what’s real.

On that note, who are your role models? Comment below, I would love to hear about people who have inspired you content creators or not. 

Thank you for reading. I hope this list of role models inspires you. As always, continue to pursue your dreams lovelies, and don’t be afraid to LIVE OUT LOUD.

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