21 Things That Made Life Worth Living in June

This month, I’m starting a new series that I am very excited about beginning. Life can be a real pain, and though there are struggles, there are also little moments that remind us life can be worth living. I want to start a collection of sorts - a monthly journal of moments, people, and things that made life worth living for me.

June was a hard month for me, for whatever reason, and I can definitely say that these small pieces of time made a world of difference.

Week One

  • The Chenango from Alexander’s

    • This sandwich is my go to order from Alexander’s Cafe and Sweet Endings (review coming soon). Binghamton has a featured restaurant week that happens twice a year, and I happened upon Alexander’s with a couple of friends. The owner is so lovely, and the food so good, that I’ve been addicted to it ever since. My go-to order is the Chenango, which is a panini with turkey, bacon aioli, bacon, and lettuce (no onion).
  • Seeing My Best Friends

    • I took a week off of life and commitments to return to Binghamton and reunite with my friends. Although everyone couldn’t make it, my main support group was there and those few days were a blessing in disguise.
  • Overdrive

    • Overdrive saves my life on the daily. The app allows me (or you), to borrow ebooks and audiobooks from your local library system. It’s the only reason I’ve come so close to reaching my Goodreads goal for the year (and it’s only summer!).

Week Two

  • Blueberry Streusel Muffin

    • At my job, snacks and goodies are sometimes left in the breakroom for team members to enjoy. On one of my first days, i was lucky enough to find an abandoned blueberry muffin. I don’t know who would overlook a blueberry muffin, but I’m grateful someone did, because it was everything I didn’t know I needed.
  • Reliving My Instagram Moments

    • I'm going to be completely honest here, and admit that I use social media for myself. This means I don’t have the most objectively appealing feed, but it feels real and that's what matters to me. I partly use SM to remind myself that I’m here, in this world, and my experiences are valid.
    • Sometimes you have to see your past laid in front of you to remember that it was all worthwhile. One day, I was revisiting my old posts on IG, and I got to relive really happy moments that always make me smile.
  • Getting Along with My Mentor

    • My mentor is amazing. We have the oddest quirks in common, and I genuinely believe the universe made it so that we would end up together. He’s really supportive, incredibly motivated, and I honestly couldn’t ask for a better leader to shadow as an intern.
  • “You’re a fast learner”

    • Compliments are great, but people tend to rely on superficial comments when they don’t know you well enough to say something more substantial. That type of "compliment" usually flies right over my head. It’s easy enough to call someone attractive when you see them at one angle, or at a certain part of their day. I’m not so easily convinced.
    • However, when someone observes me and picks up on a tendency that stands out, it means so much more, and it’s positive reassurance of something I already know to be true. Sometimes you just need to know that the world is picking up what you’re putting out.
  • Baking

    • I baked banana bread, and my family loved it, and it was yummy, especially when warm. Baking also happens to be a pretty good stress reliever.
  • Blog Revamp

    • I redid my blog completely! It was terrifying because I had to undo all the work I had put in beforehand. However, in trying to cultivate the best professional blog I could create for free, I lost sight of the kind of blog I truly want to be running. So I backtracked, and started again. I’m more in love with my site now, than ever before.
  • Having a Supportive Team at Work

    • Beyond my mentor, the entire team is really supportive, and for the most part, they all make an effort to ensure that I’m familiar with the company's processes, and that I’m learning something new during my time with the brand.
  • My Mom Vacuumed the Floor in my Room

    • My mom vacuumed the floor in my room. Need I say more? It was such a simple gesture, especially considering she usually nags me before going ahead and doing it. Anyway, I swear I meant to vacuum because the mess had become overwhelming, so the fact that I came home and found I didn’t need to do it? Priceless.

Week Three

  • New Hair

    • I got new hair! A new style is always refreshing, and re-styling my hair definitely helped improve my mood. I’m the kind of person who likes to change her look quite quickly, so this revamp was a long time coming in my head.
  • Sister, Sister

    • My sister is the perfect soundboard for my ridiculous sense of humor. I think we’ve created a unique code, that only we understand. Having her around definitely helps, especially since she's one of the only people I can tell almost anything without much judgement.
  • My Best Friend

    • I love her. She’s great, supportive, all that jazz. She really should be reallocated to every single week on this list, but that would get redundant really fast.
  • My Mentor

    • There he goes again, being nice or whatever.

Week Four

  • Flirting

    • Flirting can be fun. By week four, I had been away from most of my friends, so non-work and non-familial social interaction made me feel normal again.
  • A Postcard from Prague

    • I hung out with a good friend, and we played mini golf at the Chelsea Piers. Turns out, I'm awful at it. Besides being trash at golf, it was a really great day!
    • We ended with a makeshift picnic of junk food and Czech snacks and she gave me a gorgeous postcard. The best part, is that she said it specifically reminded her of me, as a writer/a person who studies texts. There we go again with the meaningful observations that make me feel amazing, daw.

Week Five

  • Attending Pride

    • I went to the NYC Pride Parade for the first time this year, and it was a amazing experience. I brought my sister, and we met my friend in the city. I’m glad I went, because my sister had an amazing time. Even beyond that, being in a crowd of positive energy is so invigorating - I wish could come across that energy every single day.
  • Getting Approved for a Credit Card

    • I got approved for a credit card! A pretty decent one too, for someone with an average credit score. I get cash back rewards, a sign on bonus, and no foreign transaction fees (which was key)! Higher credit score, here I come.
  • Minimizing my Digital Obligations

    • After a few debit card scares, I have decided to minimize my digital obligations, and thus limit the apps that have access to my information. I cancelled my Acorns account, deleted a few cash back apps, and am working toward getting rid of a few more. There’s a price on your privacy, and there are some premiums I’m no longer willing to pay.
  • Chicken Caesar Salad on a Croissant

    • Like that blueberry muffin, this was another break room favor, courtesy of the impending expiration date. I found this beauty in the fridge the day after Pride, and I needed it more than I’d needed anything that day. I LOVE CROISSANTS. I ate it so heartily, another worker commented on my apparent gusto. Whatever, that sandwich made me happy and that’s all that matters.

I stopped documenting things that made me happy, but to sum up the rest of the month: I have finally decided the next piercing to get on my right ear, and I have drafted up a few tattoo ideas that mean a lot to me. I was never the person to think of getting a tattoo, so this should be a pretty interesting adventure in body art.

If you like posts like these, let me know below! Either way, I'll keep these coming 🙂

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